Wednesday, December 14, 2011


This is disappointing.  It's really a shame that my camera cannot pick up the correct tone of the background color in this painting.  It is the most vibrant, glorious emerald green- the color of jewels.  For some reason, both indoors and out, it's translating as blue which isn't fair!!  The combo of green and orange is stunning, as I was running the brush across the canvas all I could think was, "Ooooh preeettty."  I also added a glass bead medium to the orange paint, so it sparkles from within.  This started out as a color study actually, for a friend who'd like a bigger, less "Pollock-y" version for her apartment.  I must say, these two colors are going to look fabulous on a larger, more in depth piece.  Again, the photo does not do it justice, it's a must-see-in-person.

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