Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Not really still life.

Here's my sick day project.  It's a semi abstract version of my grandmother's decades old jade plant.  I was sitting out front the other day staring at it and thought, "hmm might be interesting?"  It's hard to tell in the painting but the entire right side of the background is shimmery gold metallic paint.  I like the yellow background... Now that I think about it, I start a lot of paintings with yellow.  Not quite sure why, I suppose I'm drawn to the cheerfulness of the color. 

There are squirrels running around on my roof right now distracting me.  They seem to be furiously stashing today.  Perhaps they know something we don't?  All I know is that they sound like miniature horses trolloping across my roof, and if you are lucky, you will see one fly through the air hoping to catch a limb on our giant black oak tree. 

Totally unrelated,

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