Monday, December 19, 2011


The level of frustration I feel right now is unusually high.  I had to leave the hospital last night due to varying circumstances and slept quite poorly because of it.  My brother is home and safe, with parents by his side.  His lung has fully inflated and he is being monitored for the next week.  Poor thing is so uncomfortable but happy to get over the worst- let's all send him positive thoughts still and hope he powers through this and recovers quickly.

I used just three colors and a palette knife for today's piece.  Wanted to do something cozy and I think I achieved that.  It's almost child-like but that's ok.  Sometimes we all just need to do a little finger painting.  I'm tired of technology right now, so today was a simple day in the artistic realm. *sigh* Maybe I should try crayons- those were always cathartic when I was a kid. 

Hope and good cheer,

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