Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Of course.

There's certainly a reason I was feeling so out of it yesterday. Woke up this morning with what I'm pretty sure is The Plague.  I had been uncomfortable all day while painting, a little drained, wanting to sit down, kinda shaky.  I think it's because my body was trying to fight whatever this is off.  I think my fever must have broke around 3am because I remember turning over and thinking "why am I soaking wet?"  Feels like I'm breathing through a straw, which is my good ol' friend bronchial infection- again.  I'm not even around people and I still get sick?  C'mon man, throw me a bone! I'm having a particularly hard time this morning though, because now not only am I not working, I'm sick.  I at least need to be able to run errands and contribute as much as I can during my day.  I've been rendered pretty darn useless.  I've got to keep my chin up.  I've kinda been a little more anxious about the job situation today too, which doesn't help.  Maybe after a hot shower and a cup of green tea I will feel a little more alive... And I can paint more?  I hope so.

Dayquil, I need Dayquil!

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