Monday, December 12, 2011


My luck is down and it's only Monday...  Last night my eyes were bothering me tremendously, burning, blurry and irritated.  I looked in the mirror and my right eye was particularly red.  This morning I woke up and couldn't open my right eye due to swelling and ickiness.  The advice nurse says it sounds like allergic conjunctivitis.  Greeeeeaat.  Its has rendered my vision pretty fuzzy, so I've been resting most of the day.  Supposedly it should go away in a few days.  I managed to finish a painting today though.  I stopped after a couple hours because I felt frustrated.  The painting is still pretty, but with very abstract undertones.  That's ok though, it's still fun to look at. I think I'm going to curl up with my pug, some pillows and a warm cup of tea.  I gotta kick all this sick in the butt!

Be well,

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