Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A few days away.

So I've gone rogue! I'm here in Napa and have decided to stay an extra day just because it is so beautiful and cozy.  Thank goodness my lovely parents and brother gave me art supplies for Christmas because I hadn't even thought of bringing my gear up here.  Or, more realistically I wasn't expecting to stay for this length of time.  I've managed to get a painting done today though, after spending the morning and early afternoon relaxing.  This piece is obviously reflective of where I am right now.  The vineyards are so dark, purple and bare.  The hills are lush with foliage and the sky is the most unusual shade of dark grey blue.  The sun was out today but not obvious, hiding behind wisps of clouds and tree branches.  For some reason during this time of year it *feels* like winter up here in the Napa valley... A cool, crisp feeling.

Enjoy and be well,

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