Monday, April 2, 2012

Laughing amongst pals.

This painting cracks me up, only because it started as a joke over a couple of glasses of champagne.  It is specifically for my dear friend Miss MC. We have become quite close over the last few months I've been unemployed.  We worked together for 4 years but were never entirely allowed to "befriend" eachother due to oddly strict work environment type rules.  When we did work together, we'd pass one another in the hallways and crack jokes, we'd goof off in the art room, we'd have lunch and air our worries etc... Once I was no longer tied to the store, I was determined to keep my friendship with her and the fellow Miss AO in tact.  One day, as I was sipping on bubbly sitting out on my front porch, I received a text from MC stating that she too was sitting at home sipping bubbles.  We started chatting and talking about my paintings for some reason and she very brightly proclaimed that she needed one.  Now, little did she know I had already started planning a more sophisticated piece for her earlier that week- I wasn't going to let the conversation end though, so I proceeded to tease her and tell her I was painting a purple cat wearing chaps riding a unicorn over a rainbow for her.  She was SO excited at the prospect (I'm guessing she never thought I would do it) that of course, I HAD to do it.  This is the result.  Strangely enough, she loves it to pieces.  I even gave the unicorn glittering eyes.  I have yet to finsih some of the black outlining, but once I do, I'm forcing her to hang it somewhere in her oh-so-minimalistic apartment to scare future visitors.  It makes me laugh really hard though, which is nice.

C'est la vie,

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