Wednesday, April 4, 2012


My friend Jade and I often get together and have painting sessions... Or rather, I should say, we get together and drink champagne and end up painting.  It's a great way to connect, we chat, sip and laugh- much to the chagrin of my dear husband.  He laughs at us, shakes his head and happily spends the time writing his blog while we banter and make a mess.  The resulting paintings aren't terribly awe inspiring, but I love that when we are finished I can sit back and say, "that was a fun day."  Jade managed to complete quite a few paintings over these past two days, but I only began one.  I got caught up in the conversation and beautiful weather, what can I say?  My hubby was kind enough to provide food and more bubbles to the hungry artists, he's such a good guy.  The painting above is one that both Jade and I worked on together, back and forth while in the midst of conversation.  If you want to see more of J's paintings, you'll have to nag her because she's shy about sharing.  Heheh.  As for my husband, he merrily accepts my ridiculousness, covered in paint, holding a glass of cava.  Bless him for being so patient and kind.  And while you are at it, go check out his blog--- (aka Vinopanion)

Be kind rewind,

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