Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feathered friend.

I completed this painting as a gift to a girlfriend who's dear mother passed away last year around this time.  My friend has previously requested a painting using shades of green and orange (her favorite colors) but left the subject matter up to me.  I decided to a half matte, half aqua metallic background to begin with.  As the background was drying, I took a thick paintbrush and used the handle end to carve a sketch out of the owl.  My friend adores owls.  This created a more layered look, exposing the light canvas through the green paint.  After the background was dry, I used about 15 different shades of orange to fill in the owl's silhouette, leaving a beautiful contrasting green outline peeking through.  I used heart shapes as the base for the chunky little guy and finished him off with glossy yellow eyes.  Next to him sits a few abstract poppies- her mother's favorite.  It's quite a simple piece, aesthetically, but I love the end result and so did she. <3

Be well,

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