Monday, April 2, 2012


I'm not sure if you guys live in the area, but this past week Mother Nature has been giving it to us good weatherwise.  On several occasions I was actually afraid that we might lose our backyard umbrella, a few trees and perhaps even the roof- all thanks to the wind.  I don't mind rain, I don't mind lightnening and thunder... But there's something about wind that seems so uncontrollably destructive.  The really puzzling part is that once the storm is over, the streets are usually blown clean, the birdbaths are full, all the plants have had a drink (or ten), the clouds have been booted out of the sky and things are generally calm.  I was sitting out on my front porch during the biggest windstorm watching the trees sway, thrash and snap when I looked over towards our favorite friend in the yard- our Western Redbud (i.e. Circis occidentalis).  The poor thing was bending so fiercely it looked like a sopping mop being dragged across the floor.  And yet after the storm, there it stood as steadfast and hearty as our dear 180 year old craggy Black Walnut tree.  Flowers and all.

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