Monday, April 2, 2012

Something new.

If you know me well, I'm pretty much obsessed with collecting "things".  I collect religious trinkets, the majority of which are Mexican and Spanish influenced, although my collection has grown to include Hebrew and Chinese pieces as well.  Mostly because these items remind me of my friends, not because I'm a religious person or a worshipper of any particular faith.  Each item has a story to it, whether a friend gave it to me, it was found or I picked up on one of our many adventures.  I have rocks, wooden crosses, milagro's, sacred hearts, sugar skulls, diety figurines, hammered tin skeletons, antique ceramic doves, handmade tiny dolls and endless other cherished treasures.  These little things are all like a snapshot of a moment in time to me- good times.  I try to only hold on to the good times.  I painted this piece with all of those moments in mind.  Not only does it slightly resemble something I might pick up at a flea market or a certain favorite winery, but it also has a piece of me, a piece of the lightheartedness within.  The strange stick figurine is a character I've been reincarnating for years, probably since early high school.  He appears in many drawings I do and in several different paintings.  A doodle I also go back to when I'm creatively stiffled, a fun creature to sketch for kids at family bbq's or a lost in thought scratchy pen drawing on a bar napkin.  Perhaps I will give him more color in a new painting- bring him to life so that friends and family can say, "oh yeah! I recognize that!"  He hasn't been around for a while, maybe it's time.

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