Thursday, April 12, 2012

Let the sun shine in.

So I came up with this painting the other day during a torrential downpour that was actually quite shocking to witness.  Sometimes when the weather is this bad, I'm forced to stay inside and just... Think.  I've been wanting to do a piece with this little guy in it for a while- of course I had to include pug, since he seems to embody all that is cute and full of joy.  I really have no shame when it comes to painting cartoon characters... they make me happy.  They also bring out an ability that I will very seldom admit.  I love whimsical, kooky, goofy cartoons.  I get it from my dad.  He's been drawing cartoons ( a very accomplished cartoonist actually) since before I was born.  I suppose his talent, along with my mom's sense of humor, kind of rubbed off on me.  My brother is also an accomplished illustrator, so clearly it runs in the family.  I'm very proud of this talent, through and through.  It's a part of me that I would like to showcase more often.  This painting took me three hours from start to finish and I couldn't be happier with it.  It's very Me.

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