Wednesday, May 30, 2012


My yard is my solace, and today was just another example of how beautiful the East Bay can be.  I spent the morning out in the garden, cleaning up the late spring leftover dandelions and sneaky sprouting blackberry bushes.  I trimmed some of the roses, snipped off cherry tree shooters and finished the morning's work by emptying out the dry pots that need new flowers for the summer.  I find such joy in doing these projects- tomorrow I will be at the nursery first thing, buying vegetables, blooms and any other plants that catch my eye.  I hope to start BBQ'ing with friends again soon, it's been much too long...

I love this house.

<3  B

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  1. I love to do the very same things. And, I love your garden and front porch! These photos really show their true beauty! See ya manana!
    Lovies, Mama Donna