Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cooking Fun.

Today I have returned from a long weekend up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, twisted ankle in tow but all together in good spirits.  Some dear friends were getting married up on a beautiful homestead and I was honored to attend with bells on. Their union was memorable indeed- it was a great deal of fun to spend time with almost the entire population of friends I've made in the last 12 years of living in the East Bay.  Despite the rain and clouds, a good time was had by all, perhaps too good of a time by some (myself included *wink*), but I know we all left Nevada City feeling absolutely full of love <3

As I mentioned before, yes, I twisted my ankle.  Pretty badly actually, but I'm surviving.  My mom and I went for walk Sunday night in Roseville because the weather was so fair- I became lost in chatter, giggling mid conversation and turned my ankle off a curb.  Ouch.  Impaired for two days by a giant purple foot, I was anxious and feeling the need to return back home- I missed the house, my yard and the comfort of my squishy couch and my kitchen...  It was lovely to spend time with my hilarious parents, I so enjoyed their company (as I always do) but it was time to come home... I needed to cook!

I hobbled through the market in quite a hurry today in order to keep weight off the bum leg, which was frustrating because the sunshine and smiling faces were so welcoming.  I was able to pick up some fresh spinach, potatoes, mushrooms and green onions for dinner that I will be pairing with farm raised salmon and a dijon mustard sauce.  It's taking everything in my power not to start cooking right now- luckily I have a good book and a comfy blanket to keep me occupied until it's actually dinner time, sparing my darn ankle and giving me time to research more recipes.

The end result was just what I wanted.  Yummers.

So tired, time for sleeps,

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