Saturday, July 28, 2012

Daytrip Napa Valley- Last stop.

Oh Dean & Deluca, how I love thee?  A place where I could spend hours upon hours exploring.  So many foods, so many kitchen tools, so many wines.  How does a person sum up their visit to D&D?  I can't, so I'm letting them tell their story...

"The corner grocery store grew up with the neighborhood, and occupies a busy corner in SoHo in what has become the most vibrant artists' haven in the world. In the early days, Joel Dean and Giorgio DeLuca traipsed around the world to find artisan-produced foods that pleased their customers, not to mention themselves. They wanted products that fired their imaginations, challenged their tastes and turned dinner into a creative exercise."

"Giorgio and Joel's dream of a place that would offer customers a sumptuous celebration of food, a place to experience all of the pleasures that cooking and eating can bring, the original DEAN & DELUCA, opened for business in September 1977. Artist and founding partner Jack Ceglic designed the original store to evoke a turn of the century food department, with high ceiling fans spinning over a vast array of products that lined the high, white walls. Joel Dean and Giorgio DeLuca searched for handcrafted products and artisan foods and imported their discoveries into their enchanting emporium. On display was a staggering variety of produce and foodstuffs, including many never previously sold in this country."

"In 1977, a need for more space began the expansion to the 10,000 square feet of an Army/Navy store, and to Jack Ceglic's plan for a new outdoor marketplace concept."

"The result? Massive exposed columns, Carrarra marble floors, white tile walls, stainless steel shelving and display cases, ample room for meat and fish, bakery and pastry, cheese, candy and coffee display counters."

"The new DEAN & DELUCA opened in 1988 with four times the space. Soon, smaller retail outlets were to follow, in Manhattan's Rockefeller Plaza and in the Paramount Hotel. Espresso Bars were opened in locations around New York and in Washington, D.C., and in 1993, a second store with 10,000 square feet opened on Market Street in Washington, D.C.'s Georgetown District. Since then, DEAN & DELUCA has opened stores in Charlotte, Kansas City, Napa Valley and Tokyo that have become epicenters of epicurean excellence in their locations."

"Today, DEAN & DELUCA still offers the very best in service, quality and of course, selection. Epicurean treats for cooking, eating and entertaining abound even as they did in the original DEAN & DELUCA back in the '70s. DEAN & DELUCA has a team of International food experts who search for the best and newest food products from around the globe. They also have launched a new wine division and can recommend the best food and wine pairings for any event or for that special dinner at home. Please stop in for a visit."

This was the first time I actually stopped in to the Napa Valley Dean & Deluca.  Overwhelmed by the sheer size and spectrum of their collection, all I could do was take photos.  To touch base on all of the products I was interested in would mean to write a novel.  So instead, I give you pictures.

The Entry.

Some namesake spices.

How many different styles of tomato based products can you count?

Bread, bread and more bread.

The hubbs would be in heaven.

I about fell over at the sight of all the candy jars.

Chocolate anyone?

Oh dear.  This is problematic.  I'll take them all.

The beautiful view from the lawn.

Not much more I can say, I just can't wait to go back with a full wallet and a very large shopping basket.  I so look forward to returning!  Thank you Dean & Deluca for dazzling me. 

Enjoy the weekend,

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