Monday, January 23, 2012

Robots for everyone.

People really seemed to respond to my Day 16 painting of robots sharing a balloon.  In fact, I've had so many friends inquire about me making more robot paintings that I'm thinking of doing a series!  Maybe work with smaller canvas to accommodate all sorts of robots doing whatnot.  My friend Melanie was one of the first people knocking on the door the night of "Thirty One" and she had her heart set on Day 16.  The problem was that about 6 other people did too.  We ended up having to do a lottery for it and unfortunately her name was not the one pulled out of the bag- she was such a sport about it, she helped me run the show all night long and *still* left with a smile on her face even though she was empty handed.  As a gesture of friendship and thanks, I painted this 24x36 portrait of her "robot family", paying careful attention to the details in the kids and focusing on the love between her & her husband.  Her daughter loves the colors pink and yellow, her son loves green and purple, which you can see they are painted with.  She is in lavender with a blue heart, the color of her husbands hue and he has a lavender heart to match his wife's shade.  I love this painting, it makes me smile.  She literally wanted to steal it away before the paint was dry (haha!), so I know she and her family will give it a loving home.  These are my favorite pieces to paint.

With love,

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