Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm back!

Hello friends- I'm back after a short break from posting regularly, although I'm definitely still keeping busy with painting and LOVING it.  Each day brings new ideas and inspirations...  Thank you all again for your support throughout, it's been such an amazing process.  I proudly brought in my donation check to the Concord Family Stress Center the week following my show (that you all showed up for!!) and left with an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and happiness.  A week later I received a letter thanking me for my contribution and wishing me happy holidays- hand signed even, by the director of STAND!  It made me feel so good that I want to do it every year if I am able, without a doubt.

So, onwards we go, like I've said, I've been painting like a crazy person and there will be a ton of upcoming posts.  I've decided that selling my art for a living is my next ambition, although figuring out how to do so is going to be a challenge.  I will take photos of everything I work on to share with you all, I even have a few special projects I've completed already.  Such fun!

More to come soon,

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