Thursday, June 21, 2012


I wanted to leave you all with a short but sweet little review before I pack up and leave for a weekend away exploring.  After my olive oil review I realized that I had forgotten one tiny tidbit of foodie fun from the hubbs visit to Italy...

Behold!  This decadent jar of homespun honey comes to me from the lovely city of Greve in ChiantiPodere Il Castagneto honey is insanely delicious, dark and spicy.  I've been collecting honey for a while now- a friend turned me on to using it in my morning espresso instead of sugar, and I love the taste.  While I usually prefer a lighter honey for most cooking, eating and such, this honey hits a home run in the "i'm gonna use you in a marinade any day now" market.  It would also be very tasty on a dark, nutty bread, perhaps with a pat of warm butter.  The label is adorable, with what looks to be a family of bees, all aptly named things like "Regina", "Nutrice" and "Fuco", smiling at the consumer.  Unfortunately the website is in Italian or I'd be able to give you more information on this particular product.  I wanted to highlight it though as a delectable treat that I've become enamoured with.  I believe the hubbs picked this one up at an outdoor market as well, which is fitting with it's hand drawn label and honeycomb impressed jar.  Almost too cute to eat.  I said almost. 

Off to Bodega Bay for three days to enjoy the ocean, eats, family and friends!  I hope to discover some new delights while I am away, can't wait to come home and write about them.

Happy weekending,

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