Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Easy Tuesday

I spent the morning running errands but stopped by the Concord Farmers' Market on my way home in the early afternoon.  It was a lovely day in the park, very hot, so people were hiding amidst the shade trees and trying to keep cool in any way possible.  Still, a great day at the market- I came home with some new seasonal finds that I can't wait to sample...

Rhodes Farms grape tomatoes.  Man, these are some seriously sweet, tiny morsels.  I purchased a basketful so the hubbs and I can munch on them like candy.  I'm thinking of adding them to a sauce I will be making for salmon later this week as well.  They are only about the size of a small marble, but their tangy explosive character make them perfect for snacking.  I also considered sun-drying a few to see how that works out- use them in a salad perhaps?  Has anyone tried sun-drying small tomatoes?

Again, Swank Farms coming to us from Hollister, California this week with their farm fresh produce.  I bought some huge fava beans from them after hearing a biker dude explain that if you take some giant fava, throw in a little olive oil and mushrooms, it creates a great dish that can be served on the side of just about anything. 

Fontana Farms apricots are insanely sweet and delicious.  I can't seem to keep them stocked at our house, who knew?  I was never a big fan of apricots until I started going to farmers' markets.  I find that the flavor and quality of the market apricots far outweigh those you can purchase at your local grocery store.  They are less mealy, more juicy and just taste better overall.  Since it's been so hot out I may crush a few of them up to top off my vanilla ice cream!

J&M Ibarra Organic Farms are still my favorite vendor for mushrooms.  I eat a lot of mushrooms, and I'm always picking up their shitake, button and white mushrooms on a regular basis.  This time I grabbed some porcini to use this week. 

And who can resist Achidinha cheese?  Fresh goat cheese straight out of Petaluma.  The hubby and I really enjoyed the Broncha last time, so I grabbed a hunk of that this time around.  I like slicing to serve with a nice crusty bread and honey.

Speaking of honey, Alvarado Apiary produces some really well made light varieties-  these shiny little bears are full of ooey, gooey goodness.  I've started using it in my espresso everyday, as a substitute for sugar.  Rich, smooth and delicious. 

Along with those tasty tidbits I was able to get some really great tomatoes, a purple broccoli flower head, golden creamer potatoes and a couple bulbs of fresh garlic- something I can never get enough of.  It was good to see so many people out and about yesterday, it's really starting to feel like summer in Concord.  Hot, but beautiful. 

That's all I have for today, just a short little note to keep people up to date with what's available out there...

Enjoy the warm evenings!

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