Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hello Again!

I've been a bad girl.

I was forthright in letting you all know that I'd be taking December off- but I totally failed to mention anything about January... What the?  How does time pass so quickly?  I was scouring through my pile of to-do's this morning when it finally dawned on me that, yes, it is already almost February and I haven't written a single thing.  For shame, B, for shame.  *Insert sad face here*

I have no excuses.

December was chaotic and our schedules were loaded with events, visits, family and friends.  With so much holiday fun happening, I honestly couldn't find a moment to sit back and type, nor did I want to. I let myself become completely immersed in the season and never really worried about the lack of publication happening.  The upside of this downtime also gave me the chance to get to know my new surroundings, settle-in, find my groove (or almost find my groove) and relish in a little decompression time.

It is now time to get back on the happy train to food town.

Friends, here is a little sneak peek into my Napa lifestyle thus far....

We are situated in a prime location here in town, at the intersection of awesome and awesome.  A crossings, you might say.  We can easily head North, South, East or West, without hesitation or exhausting traffic, hoards of tourists or hulking limo vehicles.  We love the option of country frontage roads, winding one-lane wooded paths, and quick "local" routes to get us where we want to be.  Our home is spacious, minimal and just the right amount of cozy.  I love spending time here, sitting on our patio in this crazy California winter weather, dog at my feet and bubbles in hand.

On weekends we are out and about, eating, drinking and continuing our merriment.  We can usually be found exploring the fresh new bars & eateries of downtown Napa, tapas crawling the short distance of Yountville, sampling brews up in Calistoga or wandering through the backwoods to family-owned winery gems that we love sharing with friends and visitors.

I've compiled a list of places I want to talk about, many of which aren't familiar to the average weekenders or vacationers.  I'll be posting articles in the weeks to come, highlighting these new favorites, so keep your eyes peeled!  Here are some of our new haunts:

Bene Gusto, Browns Valley... For artisan pizza, pasta, sandwiches, breakfast & outdoor ambiance.  We love to sit back, sip wine and enjoy the company here, chatting with neighbors.
The Calistoga Inn & Brewery... A fantastic little brewery with awesome bar food, an intimate dining room & terribly interesting native folk.
Fumé Bistro & Bar...  Their mouthwatering seasonal menu impresses every time, plus they have outdoor fire pits and a great discounted locals night.
The Red Hen Cantina...  Newly relocated & remodeled with a HUGE outdoor seating area, this is a fun place for sports watching, Mexican food and whole bunch of tequila.
VINeleven...  Not your typical restaurant, but nonetheless, their food is awesome & the staff is lovely.
UVA Trattoria...  Holy smokes!  Amazing Italian fare and totally killer atmosphere with live tunes.
Redd Wood...  Pizza, pasta & appetizers with an impressive wine list and supremely cool vibe.
R&D Kitchen...  Quickly becoming one of the most popular meeting spots in the valley with their ample outdoor space and simple, sophisticated menu.  Great bar and group destination.
Lucy Restaurant & Bar, Bardessono...  A personal favorite, full of calm, class and high-end taste.
The Fremont Diner...  A popular stop between Sonoma and Napa for hometown favorites.

Ok, now I'm getting hungry.

Stay tuned and get your forks ready!


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