Friday, July 12, 2013

Murcia: Out & About Photo Journal 1.

Hello friends!  I've decided that because I have SO many photos from this wonderful trip that I will slip in small photo journal entries between articles...  As I prepare my facts, photos and info from our first day of wine tasting in Yecla and Jumilla, I thought you might enjoy viewing a few photographs I snapped while enjoying siesta and late night tapas.  The city of Murcia is absolute pleasure to explore on foot, so whenever we had a bit of down time, I was out and about wandering...

This was a beautiful alley near our hotel with a modern, clean apartment building surrounded by potted flowers and trees.  I was struck by the graffiti looking so out of place in such an affluent looking neighborhood.

The pleasure of Spanish carbs... The breadstick on the left is a local specialty, looped around in the shape of a teardrop. 

This building, located near the cathedral, was one of the most striking I've seen.   Gorgeous hand-painted details using vibrant colors and exquisite masonry.

The fountain and geraniums outside of city hall.

The giant fish in the river Segura.

Longshot of the river Segura... A little low and dry this time of year.

The locks on the bridge over the river- each lock is permenantly attached by it's owner and hand-painted with initials as a symbol of everlasting love.

Opposite shot of the river Segura, looking down towards the city botanical garden.

The Teatro Romea.

A church located right around the corner from our hotel.   Bells on the hour, rung by hand.

Loved this tapas restaurant.  Taberna La Parranda Pequena.  A daily visit, for sparkling wine or a light snack.

Take a seat, pick a favorite.

Mojama (cured salmon), Marcona Almonds and fresh patatas fritas.

A small drum procession in the early evening.

Wam, slightly crispy eggplant with jamon iberico and tomato puree.  One of my personal favorite tapas delights.

Menu?  You're looking at it. 

Another favorite tapas- jamon iberico "riding" on deep fried artichoke hearts.

Meat hanging from the ceiling!  Another frequently visited tapas bar.

Look at all that jamon... My mouth is watering.  This place was great, the staff was hilarious, warm and insistent on stuffing us silly with food & drink.

Juan Gil and tapas- the perfect combo.  More on Juan Gil to come...

A foodie's dream.

Brined olives and Manchego.

I was constantly trying to figure out how to get this in my suitcase.  Jamon iberico.

The beautiful theater at night.  Sit on the steps, eat some ice cream and people-watch until your heart's content.


I'm working hard on my next article, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this peek into everday Murcia.  Next up, La Purisima, Bodegas Seńorio De Barahonda, Bodegas Castaño, and Juan Gil.

*All photos are author's own taken between 6/22/13 & 6/28/13

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