Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wandering Soul.

Yesterday it was 3.7 miles.

Today I plan on 4.

Next week, it will probably be close to 10 miles per day.

Next month, I feel like I won't be sitting down much at all.

Walking... It's what I do.  More appropriately, wandering.  Sometimes I set out on a mission to the farmer's market down the street, other days I walk a mile to the pool where I swim, and often times, I jump in the car just to go park it somewhere else and wander.

It's not that I'm allergic to home-- I love being at my house, out in my garden, or hibernating in my pj's watching endless episodes of cuisine-based reality TV.  But when the weather is pleasant, and my curiosity gets the better of me, I can't help but wander.

I think I get it from my folks.  Those two can walk around a mega store for hours and find endless entertainment, just as much as they can a park or city streets.  Sometimes, when I visit, we wander together, not accomplishing much of anything at all, but nonetheless enjoying the scenery.  I find it to be an intriguing sport, one that stimulates the senses without over-tiring the body.  An escape from anxious thoughts and worries, walking and wandering are a release, no matter where I am going.

Next week I will be in New York City, land of wanderers.  On my last visit, I had no choice but to walk everywhere due to my location and my lack of vehicle.  This time I will have no choice due to the opposite, deep within the skyscraper walls of Manhattan, jam-packed with cars and people, all on their way to somewhere.

New York will always be a place of comfort for me because you can wander and walk and lose yourself in it's awesomeness, not matter what your plans are.  Going to the park?  Cool, let's walk.  Headed down to Shake Shack?  Word, let's walk, it's nice outside.  Hey, have you heard about that new falafel joint down on so-n-so?  Yeah man, let's head down there once I get my shoes on.  Sure, people take cabs and the subway, but they're usually on foot first.

The only time I'd grab a cab was when I'd already walked a few miles and was lost.  Whoops, I'm supposed to be 3 miles south of where I am in less than 20 minutes for a group dinner- waving hand furiously at pretty much every car I see on 5th Avenue, jumping up and down and finally flagging down a towncar.  It's a last resort for me when visiting-- there's just way too much fun stuff to see if I walk instead.  Of course I Heart New York, but I feel like I need a shirt that has a little shoe instead of a heart between the I and the New York.  Or footprints... Er, you know what mean.

Is there a point to this article?  No, not really.  Just a rambling of thoughts.  As I finish up typing, my tennis shoes stare back at me and I can imagine them saying, "Hey lady, where we going today?" (yes, in my world, everything can talk) and I feel like answering back, "Dudes, today, just the grocery store to buy stuff for cupcakes.  But next week, New York.  And in the upcoming months, who knows where the winds might take us..."

Time for a stroll.
Be well,


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