Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day Four: Wanting. 2013 Hunger Challenge.

Last night, the hubbs and I were discussing how fortunate we are to be able to entertain our indulgences by eating & drinking whatever we choose on a regular basis.  In fact, it's probably our primary source of "cash-burn", seeing as we eat out quite a bit and I love to shop for fancy foods at higher priced grocery stores.  This week I'm being reminded that the majority of the population does not have that choice and rarely ever will.

I kept saying to the hubbs, "I just want sushi!" In a whiney voice I proclaimed, "I can't wait to have a steak this weekend" and "I'm getting sick of tomatoes."  Well boo-hoo for me.  The more I thought about it, the more embarrassed I was that I was actually complaining already.  Day four and I'm being a big, spoiled baby.  We have plenty of "food" to feed ourselves with, it's just not the food I want. Wow Beth, must be nice to have the option.  Knowing that this situation is temporary is a reassuring thought, but what if it wasn't?  What if this was my reality?

Feeling moody and irritable, I made a quick breakfast this morning.  I need to clean my house and get out of it for some fresh air.  I whipped up a breakfast burrito using our pantry eggs (1), some cheddar cheese (1 oz) and sliced, leftover tomato (1 oz).  My nectarine was starting to get over-ripe, so I sliced that up and savored the juicy sweetness.  My dependable glass of whole milk (1/2 cup) sure tasted good, I wish I could keep drinking more.  For those who don't know, I regularly drink about a half gallon of milk each day-- I'm obsessed.  I woke up with slight headache, but eating the fruit has helped a little bit, so that's good.


Again, today I wasn't particularly hungry for lunch but I forced myself to have something, just because I'd knew I'd be very low on energy by later tonight I didn't eat.  Kept it basic with some white rice (1/2 cup), a few chunks of cantaloupe (1/2 cup) and a glass of sparkling water.  Not a very satisfying meal, but it will have to do for now.  

My natural cravings are definitely kicking in full-force today.  As I was out running errands, I kept noticing EVERY restaurant I passed by.  I also came to the conclusion that a good portion of my free time is spent enjoying food-- whether I'm brunching with friends, eating breakfast with the dog at a local cafe, BBQ'n, having dinner parties or just testing new recipes on the hubbs.  Not having the outlet has been eye-opening in a way I never expected.  Instead of grocery shopping every day for a new dish I'd like to attempt that evening, or going to watch the game and having a beer, I'm forced to find other ways to spend my extra hours.  

I guess I've never realized (or at least forgotten) how much money I was spending just on food related fun... Hello?


Since the hubbs will be participating in the Pacific Grove Triathlon this weekend, he's been needing to do some major carb-loading.  This hasn't been a problem this week, obviously.  With our supplies running very thin, I still managed to come up with really tasty meal for dinner this evening.  I was happily surprised by taste and ease of the pasta, while the cheese sauce gave a good amount of flavor.  

I used our farfalle pasta bowties (1 1/4 cup per), canned chopped tomatoes (1 cup per), chicken stock (2 cups for boiling pasta), the remainder of our cheddar cheese (4 oz) a smidge of whole milk (1 cup), leftover pan seared boneless skinless chicken breast (1/2 breast per) and last but not least, garlic (1 clove) boiled along with the pasta, peeled and incorporated into sauce.  I spread the mixture into a casserole and topped it with fresh cut tomato and place in the oven at 425 for 20 minutes.  The results were a hit with the hubbs, and I rather enjoyed it myself.

As a treat, and because tomorrow is the last day of the 2013 Hunger Challenge, I decided to come up with a fun dessert with some of the fruits we still have.  I sliced our watermelon (1 small) in half, scooped out the insides and mashed them like potatoes.  I then took the few over-ripe strawberries (approx 8) and included them in the mash.  I then added whole milk and mixed very thoroughly until the melon/berry was a rough, creamy puree.  For kicks, I poured the mixture into each half of watermelon and threw it into the freezer for a few hours.  Voila!  Melonberry ice milk, served in a watermelon shell.  It was nice to have something sweet to share after our meal.  While it was a very mild dessert, it still brought smiles.

Foods we have left for tomorrow:
1/2 small loaf of whole wheat bread
1 cup farfalle pasta
1/4 gallon of milk
1 yellow onion
3 oz Monterey jack cheese
5 flour tortillas
2 plums
1 tomato

Should be interesting.

Day Four done... 



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