Friday, September 13, 2013

Day Five: The End. 2013 Hunger Challenge

I'm going to keep my post short and sweet today, bringing up the rear of the 2013 Hunger Challenge. Throughout this week I have learned so much about myself and even more about hunger issues that are affecting so many of those around us.  While I seemed to do just fine with the amount of food I was allotted, keep in mind these things:

-  I do not work a 9-5 job.  I have the freedom of planning my day as I please, therefore I am able to cook mid day, or spend extra time preparing dishes if need be.  I am also not working in a physically demanding field, which would change thing completely- burn more fuel, need more fuel.

-  We do not have a family.  Providing for both myself and the hubbs is infinitely easier than say, if we had two kids.  Our budget would be slightly bigger, but portions would most certainly shrink.

-  I have access to several different grocery store options in my area, where perhaps those options might not be available to the majority.

-  I live in an ideal situation, in an ideal house with all of the proper tools and appliances to accommodate my needs.  That may also not be the case for the majority.

-  My experience was temporary.  Knowing that made getting to Friday a relief.  Those who live this day-to-day life do not have that luxury and will continue on hungry.

I'm actually very interested in continuing this challenge next week, beginning on Monday to see if I can diversify my meals and make more out of less.  While one week is a valiant effort, I don't feel like it sheds true light on the reality of have so very little.  I'm going to try and meal plan better, add more vegetables, less starch and figure out a balance to make the most of what nutritional value I can manage.

Here's what was left of our challenge food...


For breakfast today, I shredded a potato (1) and made myself hash browns.  I finished off the rest off our cantaloupe (2 oz) and had a small glass of whole milk (1/2 cup).  Plenty for more today, as Ive got a busy list of errands to run before going out of town.

My lunch was very light, consisting of sliced tomatoes (1/2 tomato), a piece of whole wheat toast (1 slice) and a super under-ripe plum (1 yucky).  I think the excitement of Friday is taking over and I just have too many things on my mind to eat much.  Which is fine, because there's not much left to eat. I'm running out of time for packing my things and getting the dog ready to go, so I think I'm just preoccupied.  I must admit, dinner will be on the go tonight since we'll be on the road.  I am bringing with me our last plum and some of our bread for snacking.  We'd otherwise eat what leftovers we have in the fridge, consisting of mashed potatoes from the day before yesterday, and last night's pasta remnants.  


The 2013 Hunger Challenge may officially come to an end tonight, but I'm not done yet.  I have struggled, yes, with this week's eating options, but I'm curious to continue the journey.  Honestly, I think a month of this same challenge would prove more realistic, but I'm at least willing to give another week at this point.  It has definitely opened my eyes in so many ways, some that I am proud of and others not so much.  The main goal of this was to bring awareness to people about the ongoing problem of hunger in our very own backyards.  Living this way is not easy by any means, and the more it is brought to light, perhaps the more of us fortunate folks can help make the less fortunate life a little better.

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